Thursday, May 26, 2011

Been there, Done together

So, two months just went by (more than that) and there's so much me and my hubby had done. Yet, there is so many left waiting to be experienced together with you. Hehe. Below is the list of where we went or what we did together:

1) Energizing in Lot 10
2) Attending my graduation ^^
3) Cy's first time receiving floret X3
4) Our first pizza together in 1U (delizioso)
5) KL Bird park seeing birdies
6) Eating in the cafe below my condo (hungry as always me)

7) First pic of mouth intimacy as well as the first trouble maker pic XD
8) Lighting up in iCity (BLINK)
9) Stuffing ourselves in 甜点哥哥

10) Our first magic carpet ride (a second hand motorbike)
That's basically what we did over the two months but of course, there's others activities I did with my hubby but I don't think all of them can be posted here...hehe. Anyway, there's gonna be more in the pending and heart-laden future.

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