Thursday, June 2, 2011


As I stared into the distant, scenes distorted from the sides while the gale lashed onto my face. Cooling as the breeze was, my mind couldn't enjoy such tranquility. Pain and sorrow were filled in my heart, nibbling their way into my soul.

"No more!" I lamented to myself.

In full throttle, I sped into God knows where. Escape was unavailable but I needed to run away, far away from the loneliness that consumed me. Yet, I know, it always accompanied me, no matter where I ran to. How could I feel the joy and glee when I was trapped in a pit of despair that was my very own house? I thought a home and a family were supposed to be everything a boy could ask for. Yet, there is an aching heart. How was this possible? What more could I asked for?

Water dripped onto my face and I felt the soft touch of the sky's tears as though it knows the pain I was enduring. Moments later, a drizzle soaked Mother Earth and from there, a heavy shower was formed. I wanted to stop and feel the raindrops. As naive as it sounded, I liked to believe the rain could wash away my insecurity and sadness.

Taking off my helmet, I disregard all the safety rules and I felt the nature tears. It hid my own from drivers and riders around. Closing my eyes, I floated into a reverie, ignoring the nuisance that surrounds my life. As I took in the serenity, I failed to notice the red light ahead.

In an instant, a honk destroyed the peace of the scene. I opened my eyes and realized, I passed the red light and a truck was well within a few meters to my left. It was too late. There was no avoidance of this situation. I closed my eyes again as I prepared for the impact. In my mind, I wondered, would I feel the rain again as I moved on?

I waited...waited for the physical pain, the unconsciousness...even death. Nothing.


Yet, nothing. I skidded across the road, suffering minor injuries but I was still...alive. Getting up, I looked back as I covered my wounds, I saw people, getting out from their vehicles and stared at me in awe. I saw the trunk mashed up at the front but my body and bike were still intact.

In all this bewilderment, the rains continued to fall from the sky and I wondered, "Why am I still alive?"

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