Wednesday, June 22, 2011

FB challenge

To all my fellow readers, I know they aren't many of you out there but help me like this page (the above link) and vote for a superhero called Sprite.

This is a competition held by TGV cinema whereby you can create your personal hero character. You can take a photo of yourself and become your very own superhero with prizes to win! BOOYAH!!!

So, me and my hubby, Cyren , are participating this competition but from what I know, I think you guys can only vote once. So, just the above link and it will direct you to Cyren's avatar. Like his picture first then you can choose to like me (I'm deflector btw) haha. Plus, once you vote for a character, you can vote for him again exactly 24 hours later.

But, of, course, you guys can like whoever you want as well. It's your choice anyway.

I would really appreciate if you guys help us out to win the first prize of this competition. A big THANKS to those who help us already but remember if you have the time, come back the next day to vote for the character again. As Stan Lee always says, Nuff's said.

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