Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back Again to the Holy Ground

It's that day of the week again. Church~

Again, I was quite surprised because I was able to drag myself out of my comfy bed with a soft pillow and Penggy besides me. I even got the urge to use my man tool but somehow I hesitated.

Next thing I knew, I was waiting for the bus to come fetch me to Acts Church. The other day, I found out that my lecturer was an attendant of the church as well which gave me a whole lot of reason to mess with her life. Whahahaha.....

The service was just as enjoyable as last week's. On the other hand, I was holding my bladder towards the end of the sermon and I'm sorry to say, I wasn't paying attention at the last few moment of it. After all the prayers were made, *rush to the washroom*

As for lunch, I had a quick one with the lecturer I mentioned earlier. Then, she dropped me off at Pyramid and now, I'm stuck here with a mount load of assignments =.= (One of it is from her)

God, where are you??? =/

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