Friday, October 22, 2010


"This is war; survival is your responsibility"quoted HUNK

I claimed this victory for myself!!! Well, the war maybe over and I'm still alive but there is still the aftermath. Let me tell you this...expect lots of casualties. Some are on mourning while others are waiting for Death himself.
Day 1: Battle of the Language.
On this day, we had to suffer 5 hours of essay writing and reading long tedious passages. It was insufferable. I had to squeeze out every ounce of my English knowledge onto the paper and I find it quite...unsatisfying. First of all, there wasn't enough time to write my essay and it was a topic I had prepared myself for. That was Language and Communication. The next exam was Business Communication. I didn't even know how to communicate with all these communication. Very frustrating indeed. For the latter, I had to endure the pain of writing two letters.
Day 2: Trials of Calculation
Economics was not on my list because no way in Hell was I going to learn that. The enemies were easily defeated on this day. Just one particular question was challenging. Plus, that enemy was using bio-weaponry and proximity against us. CURSE YOU!!!
Day 3: Adversity of Technology
Last day of the war. My teammates were facing the modern era and our adversary was technology itself. *Gasp* It forced us to answer its riddles, full of perplexing codes. Too bad I aced it XD

Now I am sitting here in Coffee Bean, catching my ride to elsewhere. It's a brand new day. And I'm so gonna waste myself this holiday...BOOYA!!!

Deep in the dark, a mysterious evil still lurks around...something sinister is on its way but not towards me. Not the students. No. It's all our efforts, sweat and tears at the hands of our lecturers. Currently, they are suffering the aftermath of this war. All I can say is...good luck Teach, I'm still gonna enjoy MY holiday. WHAHAHAHA

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