Friday, October 1, 2010

I want my teenage dream

Recently, I have been hooked on Katy Perry's latest song - Teenage Dream. As her second single from her latest album, this song details how a guy makes her feel as if she's still a teenager when we were all still happy-go-lucky and less worried about life. Ya, the good old days.

However, not of us had a wondrous teen life. Some of us were suicidal and emo-ing all year round. Family was making it worst while there were no friends to depend on. A person to be taken as an example would be me.

Yes, this childish playful and sometimes obnoxious young adult was on the verge of ending his own life once. Sad to say, I really couldn't find any reasons to live any longer. My family was unhelpful in every way while my best buddies...well, I was pretty much a loner. Not to say that I didn't have any friends but I just couldn't start a conversation with them due to my "peculiarity". There were a few but still, I rarely stayed in the conversation with them.

The only people I could chat with was my teachers, especially my Form 4 English teacher and my bio teacher. They were the best remedy for loneliness. In spite of my comfort talking to my teachers, other students found it hard to accept the fact that a student could bond with his teacher. Basically, I was a teacher pet.

In a way, I didn't really get to enjoy my adolescence years and after listening to this song, I wish I did. But time has passed and I'm getting older. The thought of living a FUN teenage dream seems unlikely. But who knows, maybe it will come true one day. Just gotta keep my hopes up but I still pessimistic as well. LOL

By the way, I know I sound self-centered here but this is my blog so I can write whatever I want =P

(P.S enjoy the song ^_^)

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