Friday, October 15, 2010

Movie Review - Eat Pray Love

Sac: Hey, haven't watch movie for quite a while now...must watch ar this week
Me: Ok (smile). Which movie you wanna watch then?
Sac: search online and pick lor.
Me: KK
Me: Timing around 8pm right?
Sac: Yup
(Search some more)
Me: The only available ones are Eat Pray Love and The Child's Eye
Sac: Wuuu....Let's watch The Child's Eye
Me: O_O (Petrified)
(Cal appears out of nowhere)
Cal: I wanna join in as well!!!
Me: We are watching The Child's Eye.
Cal: >.<>
(huddle with Cal)
Sac: =.= fine~ Eat Pray Love then.

Staring Julia Roberts, this is movie is based on the book of the same name written by Elizabeth Gilbert. The book is a memoir detailing a woman seeking self-discovery after a nasty divorce because she couldn't achieve what she wanted in life. The country she had traveled in chronological order were Italy, India and Indonesia. The title was aptly named as she ate in Italy to satisfy herself and enjoy life itself; prayed in India to find her spiritual self and moved on from her past; lastly, understanding what true love was and the sacrifices we made for it.

Honestly, when I first saw the novel and the movie poster, my head was saying "not another chick book/movie". It was obvious that the genre of the movie was romance with all the lovey-dovey content and dramatic scenes. Then again, after watching the movie, I found myself laughing instead of crying non-stop. True, it was still a romantic film but enjoyable enough for girls and sensitive guys like me =P

Some of the scenes were hilarious due to the cultural clash experienced by the main character. Hence, I was laughing. Moreover, the movie did taught several valuable lessons regarding love and life. We must enjoy life for it is too short. Life is full of wonders and mystery but nowadays we tend to neglect it and waste our life in front of the TV screen. Like Liz, we should go explore around the world instead of waiting for something to happen to us. As for love, it's a mass of complexity. (Watch the movie then you'll know) Plus, Julia Roberts was awesome in the film.

To summarize this review, even though Eat Pray Love may just be another chick flick, it is still worth watching. Those who despise the theatre, buy the book. It's equally enjoyable. With that, I give the film a 4 out of 5 =)

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