Monday, October 18, 2010

The Battles Ahead

As all my course mates are stressing over, the Sem 2 examination is just a few days ahead. Frustrated are those who never listen in class; relaxed are the smartie-pants who only need to revise whatever was taught in class and for those who are carefree, they no need to worry because for these particular students, it's either they pass with flying colors or they fail horribly and still not caring about it. I am somewhat in between the smartie-pants and the carefree zone. If I was too studious, I wouldn't be writing this post now, would I?

Now to the war zone. The battle will start on the Wednesday, two days from now. It will be fierce and there will be bloodshed. Not all will survive this onslaught. Tears will be filled in the hallways for the pain inflicted will be excruciating. Below are the territories all FIA students must pass in order to finally end the war:

1) English - in this area, there are the presence of comprehension and essays which are mighty beast that tremble the hall with its headache-inducing words.

2)Business Communication - More essays and stuff to read. Somewhat similar to English zone. Expect more ming-boggling questions as well. By now, I estimate that most soldiers would be in trauma or coma even.

3)Economics - I'm not facing this challenge so I won't know the layout of this battlefield. May Godspeed to those who must traverse here.

4) Mathematics - As all soldiers converge again in this incalculable pathway. Many will die in battle here. This is where the bloodshed begins. Nausea and convulsion are to be considered as well.

5) Computer Science/Accounts - This is where the Eco troop may rest in serenity but it will be the final challenge for the Computer Savvy Team and the Calculus Warriors. They will make their final stand here.

All in all, this war will be tremendous and those who survive it, they will become stronger. No obstacles will block their pathway ever again. As for those who do not make it, may they rest in peace...or suffer the battle again in the future =D

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  1. Zzz, wish me luck for the exams, I haven study lolx


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