Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm Coming Out

Truth be told, I have never celebrated any LGBT events and there's no better way to celebrate my first LGBT event with National Coming Out Day. So whoever is reading this post, well, I'm coming out of the closet now and I am proud to say I am a LGBT member ^_^
National Coming Out Day
Not to say I wasn't always out of my closet just that the door was always ajar, not entirely open. But now, by the power I vested in this blog, I'm gonna reveal to everyone that I AM GAY or bisexual or....ok, I'm kinda sexually confused nowadays. I shall discuss that another time =P

A brief description about this particular event: it is celebrated on October 11 annually but in UK, the date is October 12. Part of the LGBT awareness campaign, this event is to encourage LGBT members not to be ashamed of their sexuality and that they are equally human as everyone else.

Now, to all the LGBT out there. I know it's hard to come out under certain conditions. Your family may kick you out of the house, your friends tend to avoid you just because you are different and you will probably face unemployment but do not even change just because you are special. Heck, being unique helps us stand out in the crowd. Maybe this year isn't your year to come out but it's alright because there's always next year. You need not force yourself to reveal your deepest secret yet, just don't ever lie to yourself about who you really are.

But if Armageddon comes first, then you need to think twice~

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