Wednesday, October 13, 2010

K-Pop pops in my head

With all the non-stop airplay of SNSD and K-Pop addicts' singing in college, it isn't a surprise that I fall victim to K-Pop sooner or later =.=

Truth be told, my fondness for Korean Pop songs didn't start out this year. The seed was planted last year while I was in lower 6. Hard to believe but I was a librarian back then =P

As one of the staff members, I had to perform a show during the librarian's annual gathering. My obsessed friends picked Sorry Sorry by Super Junior because K-Pop was gradually on the rise back then. On the other hand, I had never heard of any Korean Pop song or whatsoever. Even with the mention of Super Junior, my mind went blank. As for the performance, I had no choice but to perform it since it was selected based on majority.
I might say that I was slowly addicted to K-Pop after that night but it was short-lived. Also, I never bothered to expand my territory with SuJu as the only Korean band in my music list. A while later, my taste for K-Pop dissipated.

Now, after a long hiatus, the virus had came back.
The source of the virus: my lecturer and some of my friends. Thanks(sarcastically) =/

The problem now is that there are too many Korean bands out there. I have no idea where they all magically appear from. The sad part is their music all sound the same (to me of coz XD). However, I'm only hooked on to a selected few bands - SNSD.....I guessed that's it XP
And of course, I'm currently listen to No Other by SuJu. Guess my immunity was too low to fight the K-Pop virus T_T


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