Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chapter 2: Bloody Bitch

Dealing with an undead being was not easy. First of all there was the foul breath. It’s like these zombies never heard of breath mint. I would puke if I didn’t have to hold back the tremendous strength. However, breath was still tolerable as compared to the pus-excreting skin. While trying to defend myself from that seemingly unrelenting bite, I had to grip tight onto both arms. For some reason, the skin was stripping off with coagulated blood and pus staining my hands. It was utterly repulsing. Of course, the hideous facial feature beat the rest to top. I couldn’t even look at it for more than 3 seconds.

Anyway, its saliva was dripping onto my cheeks. It was somewhat similar to an irritant because I felt uneasy as soon as the drool hit my face. Thank God I didn’t swallow any of it. Who knew what would happen to me if I did. Unwillingly to turn into a zombie, I decided to kick its abdomen, sending it flying towards the wall behind it. I spat at the ground after realizing the disgust I just experienced.

The zombie, then, began picking herself up but her neck tilted to one side. It seemed the impact against the wall broke her neck. I didn’t know I had it in me. Without giving it the advantage to ambush me again, I grabbed my 5.5litres water bottle (or tank) and smashed it onto that ugly face senseless. Blood splattered everywhere and some onto my shirt (CURSE YOU!!!)

A couple of beatings later, I stopped seeing the bloody mess I had made on her face. Now, she became uglier. I let out a few pants and sighs. Overwhelmed by what I just did, I couldn’t believe fiction had become reality. Zombies had crossed the boundaries of media. Now, they were rooming my condo or probably the entire world. Information was vague. There was no news or whatsoever last I checked on the net. Could zombies arise within a night just like that?

That was an answer I had to wait because the female zombie was reaching out its hand towards my thigh. According to all the zombie movie I’d watched and games I’d played, I was supposed to severe its brainstem, thus, killing it (again?). But there were films illustrating that even if one decapitated its head, the head would still be alive. I knew since I did a report on zombies on received a decent mark for it.

As for now, more smashing was required. As more blood splattered the wall around me, the bitch was still moaning. Enough was enough! I decided to drag her over the balcony and threw her over the railings to please my sore hands. There was a long silent until...SPLASH!

It hit the ground hard. Brain matter flew everywhere and that put a smile on my face. But I was still covered in goo. A bath was needed. Still, I was satisfied that I killed my first zombie. That satisfaction ended when I heard the next shambling across the hall. It was the boyfriend.

It was de javu to me but hey, only the strong shall survive~

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