Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Date: 23 March 2011

There's something special about today. Yes, this date will definitely become the day I cherish the most. Judging by the title, I know what ya'all think. It's the first day of my degree course!!! And I just had my orientation day XD

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, I could move on to my social life...or more importantly, my love life.

I know that a few posts ago (ok, quite a number of posts ago), I always bragged about how my love life sucks and that maybe someday I would find my dearest one along my miserable pitiful journey I call life. Guess I didn't have to wait that long. ^^

His name is Cyren or that's what most of his friends would call him. I call him Cy...or all the lovey dovey names...hehe. Like a caterpillar, we started out curious yet insecure at the same time. Because of our past relationships (refer back to my previous posts), we sort of have a rough and ugly path of relationships. As time moved on, the caterpillar shields itself by encasing itself in a cocoon. Similarly, we hardened our bonds by hanging out and we explore each other (mentally of course but it got a bit physical in between). I assured you readers, we are still clean regardless (at least for now =P). Towards the end of the road, the caterpillar, after a long slumber, morphs into a beautiful butterfly. And I am proud to say, we are officially two butterfly venturing into the world together.

As a matter of fact,

we adopted two baby caterpillars ^^ We named them Cy and Ray Juniors. hehe. Currently, they are under my care and this shall be a test to evaluate my parenting skills. You can't see Ray Jr above but you may notice that there are alot of poops around. Those two can eat!!!


I guess two really are better than one, even if I did mention before that we all have to be independent throughout life. You can still live life alone and find success but wouldn't it be better to share those success and dreams with someone by your side?

To conclude this post, two fireflies frolicking with each other as they flew passed me and Cy. Depending on some cultures of Japan, fireflies represent love. Was it a coincidence that those two flew by? Not to mention, the area within the vicinity was a construction site. Though we didn't manage to catch it (we were gonna let it go, dun worry), we left with a smile on our face, ready to take on the world together


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