Thursday, March 3, 2011

So it begins; now it ends

For those of you who did not read my previous post (shame on you), I'm currently facing my exam. Fortunately, tomorrow is my last day (HOORAY!!!). I'm lame, ya~

Anyway, imma use LEGO to illustrate the challenges I faced during my examination moments. It's quite tough and I'm in fatigue at the end of every day since the initiation of the exams. Without further ado, here are the days of riots~

( Battle of English)

At the start of this whole trepidation, there was the Battle of English. The journey began with me stuck in a cob of webs, not literally of course. There was a comprehension on how Hiroshima suffered during WW2. Quite a massacre perhaps but that wasn't the horrible. What was horrible was the need to explain Korean culture (RAWR!!!). I stuck at its cobwebs for several moments as I tried to use my saber to chop it to pieces. I have no animosity against Korean but I know NOTHING...NADA about the culture except for their delicious Kimchi. The monstrous arachnid in this battle is the essay (as usual). At least, this time, I managed to reach my conclusion without a minute to spare.

( Conquest of the Field of Business)

On the same day itself (which was yesterday), I need to defeat and conquer the Field of Business. On this field, the major problem I had to deal with are Marketing (the unsteady boat with minimal firepower) and Management (the seemingly hungry croc). Apparently, I installed enough firepower in my brain to kill every single croc I found in the raging river of Business. For this paper, I need to crap as much as possible and hopefully I hit the jackpot among those craps (good luck to the lecturer on this). WHAHAHAHAHA~

( Challenge of Arts)
On the streets of the cultural world, myriad of ancient and modern culture mingled together in the Challenge of Arts. In the culturally abundant world, there are chests of knowledge waiting for me to grasp. However, ruthless bandits who are just as avaricious as me stood in my wall. I enjoyed a little challenge in terms of cultural knowledge. That is why for this paper, I can ace it. I would seriously pour a river of tears as big as the Nile if I don't achieve 90 and above for this paper.

( Day of the Psyche)

And it came to Psychology, my future degree course. It is the study of human behavior and mind and like the dense tropical jungle in Malaysia, psychology comprise of thick woods and arduous passage which can be confusing sometimes. Unlike the lessons in degree course, the psychology I had learned in my foundation was rather...a small garden-sized jungle. Honestly, it was quite easy to pass through this enigmatic forest. There were the frequent bothersome weeds in the way but overall, you don't need the crystal skull to reach El Dorado for this one.

( Rebellion of Numbers)
Last and hopefully least, I must join forces with the allied team in the rebellion of numbers. This final battle holds the key to my gateway as a degree student. Even though it's just maths, I'm gonna switch to my full throttle mode tomorrow. I'm aiming to score a perfect 100 for this one. My limits are to be tested. No giant albino squid can stop me comes 9.10am tomorrow. I will defeat it and fry it for supper. Seafood contains a high amount of protein (sorry squid). Amidst of this excitement, there is a time limit. If I do not arrive on the ETA (3 hours to be exact), the gate to my future will be close...forever (NOoooooo!), at least until my next resit for the exam.


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