Friday, March 18, 2011


"The road for dreams to become reality is arduous but not impossible"
Raymond Tang

At the starting line, we all prepared ourselves for the obstacles lay ahead. A journey with milestones to achieve and lessons to be learned. Though there were other similar journeys, ours is simply called Foundation in Arts.

Like all other journeys, all the participants were new and the classrooms were all too foreign for the students. Some might have experienced it beforehand but to most, it was something new and exciting to partake.

Not a class was too dull for me myself but with regards to the others, they found new challenges to face and learn by the mistakes they encounter to step forward towards a brighter future. The lecturers themselves were more than happy to present new knowledge and ideas which the students yet to grasp. Fun and study had no associated so perfectly with each other.

Hours by hours, weeks by weeks, days by days and months by months, both the staff and participants endured and enjoyed, learning various things from each other. The participants improved and gained new ways to interact with each other whereas the staff members grew wiser, giving them perspectives observed by the participants. An academic ecosystem functioned as whole to produce life in Sunway University College.

Throughout the entire year, there was frustration, anger and conflicts even. Some were not able to adapt to this strange environment and fail to proceed on. But with the assistance of both staff members and participants, they thrived. This showed that the year was not filled with sadness and animosity; joy and laughter permeated through the air.

Then came the day when the students had to face their last challenges. Fortunately, most prevailed and the staff were absolutely delighted. Today, we all made our farewells for some would leave us while the other stayed back.

And this brings us back to the starting line as we all prepare ourselves for the obstacles lie ahead.

Congratulation FIA students and I thank the staff members for being there for us throughout the year


  1. Thanks Cy ^^ Gonna be my turn to congratulate u next year X)


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