Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Itchy and Itchiness

*scratch* let me just skip right to the point as I still need to study and as the title says, I'm itchy *scratch*

The other day, I started scratching non-stop till I had blemishes everywhere. There was pain, there was itchiness, there was agony. Apparently, I developed an allergy reaction after many consultation from my friends. The only problem was, I didn't know whether it was food allergy or bug bite. I had checked every inch of my bed and couldn't find one single dead bug. There was one on the floor but that was it. So I was skeptical. Then I turned my attention to food. Did I eat anything weird? I really had no idea.

Early this morning, I realized I couldn't even sleep. The itchiness was overwhelming and my blood was smearing all over my bed. There seemed to be bumps, not your typical mosquito bumps but huge ones that I was shocked to even look at it. During that moment, what was going through my mind was - jumping off the balcony ain't so bad. *Kidding*

But still, it was unbearable. My whole body is a mess. It's like I ventured into a jungled, tackled by a bear, sucked by the leeches and attacked by plant monsters. Even when I showed it to the docs, the nurse flinched when she saw my body. T_T

But that's not the worse part. So, I had decided to visit Sunway Medical, the nearby hospital due to desperation. At least the nurses there were kind enough but their bill sucked the life out of ya. It was freaking RM80.40. I dunno what's with the 40 cent. Must be tax. The doc did confirm that I had food allergy. Let's hope he's right.

Btw, did I mention that I had my final exams later? Freaking English and Marketing. I'm dead tired now but tomorrow there's two battles to face...again.



  1. good luck, (= =)

    dun eat too much ahhahahahaha.

  2. XD cant help it...I have been eating alot lately T_T


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