Friday, March 11, 2011

Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Yesterday, I had my first bloodtest. Normally, I would not be anxious about this kind of things since I donated blood before. But this was like whether I would be infected by that pesky HIV. I know i know. The very reason I would be infected in the first place is I did naughty stuff with random guys but I have almost stayed clean for half a year......I SAID ALMOST...lolx

I ain't gonna drag this post for I am lazy to write anything right now. Must be the excitement over the test earlier. Believe me, the suspense was killing me. I had tried to listen to Gaga's songs but it wouldn't work. Few minutes later, the counselor reported back that I was clean. XD

He even gave me a box of condoms == Apparently, young ppl like me have a higher sex drive. So me and my box of condoms, left the place feeling contented and 'clean'. Now it's just the matters of staying that way

Here's the website for those who wanna test their blood and suffer the same experience I had...hehe

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