Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shocking facts

As the saying goes, knowledge is power. But there's another phrase which is common among us youths - 'too much information'. Today I learn two facts regarding culture and life. Quite entertaining and surprising.

First off - The War of Oaken Bucket

In 1325, there were two cities went by the name Modena and Bologna in Italy. One day, people from Modena invaded Bologna and stole a bucket of the city. Ruining their pride, the people of Bologna decided to start a war against the Modena. Thousands were killed and the war proceeded for 12 years. In the end, the Modena prevailed. Even now, the bucket still resides in Modena.

This is one of the hilarious wars in history. Honestly, the war started all thanks to a bucket. It's plain stupidity and embarrassment.

Secondly - The Sambia tribe

For this seemingly typical tribe in New Guinea, when boys enter maturity, they are encouraged to leave their family and live in a lodge full of bachelor men. In here, the boys are taught how to...erm....well, put it in simple word, blowjob other males. To this tribe, swallowing another man's semen is considered an act towards adulthood. It will help these young boys (emphasis on the young) to become a real man. Several fellatios follow everyday in the lodge. Surprisingly, even with all these homosexual activities, they are still stimulated to women. This goes to show that, most gays are born naturally. ^^

google them if u dun believe me =3 but to save you the trouble, below are the links to the facts above.

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  1. this is interesting! have to do blowjob to be considered mature!!! which kid wants to be a man??? practice on me! lol...


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