Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hard News: Adolescence Life in Ruins Due to Work Overload

Sunway Apartment, Selangor 28 September 2010, Thursday - A group of Sunway College students was diagnosed with mass hysteria today due to the innumerable piles of assignments dumping over them. Some were sighted gasping for air due to the suffocation.

Student showing signs of delirium

This devastating mayhem occurred earlier last week during the peak season of assignments. As today's youth doesn't seem to care less about assignments, they tend to leave it until a week before the actual due date. After realizing the deadline, they began to experience anxiety and euphoria as the amount of stress build up inside their body.

"Just gonna stand there and watch me burn" sang by a fellow Computer Science student who wished to be known as Jackie as he slowly fell into madness.

The situation was made worse with the inclusion of tests in between. The most recent test was Mathematics on Probability and Linear Programming. Just the mere mention of those two topics were able to make students cried uncontrollably and cursed explicitly.

"I'm done for. Life is hell. Just fxxxing kill me now and put me out of my misery!" said an anonymous student.

According to predictions, this calamity will only subside at the end of the month of October. However, the students know the reign of terror is always around the corner. Hopefully this hellish nightmare would be a lesson to the students as more hell keep pumping into the life of these innocent young adults.

Local Sunway student showing Gaga symptoms till the extent couldn't even hang himself properly. Sad~


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