Monday, November 1, 2010

The Sem Break So far

It had been a crazy week my friends and tons of comedy and tragedy and melody had happened while I was away from here. To start off, I went to Kampar, met new friends there - nice folks^^; watch two movies, in counting; celebrated a friend's birthday and last but certainly not least, I had included a workout session in my daily routine. Woohoo~

The Trip
Let's start off with my trip to Kampar. Why Kampar? It's secluded, isolated and there's no cinema there. Well, the prologue of this story was that I wanted to go somewhere to travel instead of imprisoning myself in hostel room. At first, I thought of going to Cameron Highlands
since I never been there before. I would be giddily backpacking alone in Cameron except for the fact that I had no idea how to go there @_@
Then in the woods, Drian came along. This fellow offered me a shelter in Kampar and accompanied me to the highlands. Great times ^^ with the exceptional that we didn't get to do much in Cameron due to tight budget and the accursed weather.
Horrible weather but cooling~~

Retreating back to Kampar, I was invited to a banquet. It was a club or society thing so I was just there to clean the food. Towards the end of the dinner, there was a lucky draw.
To my amazement, I won my first lucky draw there and I wasn't even part of their college XD

Here's a picture of the hamper I won. Been eating MAMEE for lunch while Drian was in class =s

Moving on, Kampar may be a boring place to stay but it's certainly a great place to escape to for those who are sick of the city life but don't expect much from Kampar except for the mountainous landscape and lakes.

The Films
After my little trip up north, I realized there was a list of movies that I hadn't watch yet. And the list was long - still is. Up until now, the movies that I watched are You Again and Reign of Assassins(劍雨 ). The former stars Kristen Bell, last seen on Heroes while the latter stars Malaysia's very own Michelle Yeoh. I shall feature them in my pending post.=)
Other movies I've been dying to watch includes Red, Buried, Tron Legacy and Saw 3D. But only the former two is currently in theaters. No way in hell am I watching Harry Potter and Narnia. These are torture devices to my eyes and my mind.
Further news includes the title for the much anticipated The Dark Knight sequel was released and it is called The Dark Knight Rises. Doesn't get any lamer than that but hopefully the film will be just as awesome.

The Birthday
On Halloween itself, my and buds celebrated Wai's b'day. The other day I purchased a lion stuffed toy for him. It was delightful to know that the b'day boy likes feline. lolx. As for the party, it was held at Chillis in MidValley. Damn, I was stuffed. To make the day more interesting, Beary forgot to turn off his headlights so his battery was literally drained. Stuck in MidValley till 3am and the punchline was b'day boy drove all the way back to charge the battery. It was truly an unforgettable nights, along with something else which I would consider as classified.

The Workout
Recently, I'd been educated that exercising is good for your body. My dad says so, my friends say so, even I myself say so. The funny thing is I used to despise exercising. I mean, who wouldn't like to lay back on the couch and flipping channels. Nowadays, I feel the need to extract the excess perspiration I have in my body. Plus, I have a bit of tummy =(
Hence, on with the intense workout. Honestly, there were moments when I wanted to faint and pray someone would pick me up but so far, I'm not on the gurney yet.
My workout has been continuous which is a record for me. I started out running up and down my apartment, filling up my bottles at the same time. Then I went to gym with Sac for a day which was supposed to be a week but SOMEBODY didn't read the fine print. lolx. Now, I'm trying to enter Celebrity but the price is a murder. Oh well, all the best in the future.


  1. I have never won any lucky draws in my whole entire life.. LOL!!!

    I need to start to working out too..

    anyhoo.. your blog is kinda nice.. ^^

  2. Haha...thks thks ^^
    nice to meet u btw


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