Sunday, December 12, 2010

Arkham City - Hugo Strange

YAY!!!!!!!!!! The first real trailer of the game XD The teaser trailer from the previous post didn't show much but this one gives us a glimpse of the first villain from the upcoming Batman game - Batman: Arkham City. It's the sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Those of you who watch the above trailer will figure out that the villain is actually Hugo Strange (like duh).

You can tell by his obvious mad scientist appearance that he's smarter than most of batman's roster of villains. In fact, he's actually a master of psychology with a genius-level of intelligence. However, like all Batman's villains, he's just as insane and obsessed.

For Hugo, his obsession dwells around finding out the identity of Batman. He succeeds of course but it takes a toll on his sanity. The dude even dresses up as Batman and fights crimes. LOL. He does more harm than good, mind you. Hehe.

Moving on, his objectives for this game is evidently messing with Batman's head by threatening him that his identity is at stake. That's just an assumption of course. Shall update when more info are revealed. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer and its graphic ^^

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