Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's time to move!!!

It's time to move!!!

For those who follow my dull life featured in my blog, they would know that a month ago, I had been ranting about moving on, finding a room to stay cuz my tenancy expired. Now, that I have finally found a shelter (damn expensive btw), it's time to start the most irritating thing about moving - packing.

Trust me, there's ntg worse than piling up your belongings while stuffing them into a single luggage. Thank god for me that I have several bags cuz my belongings, after stacking each one over another, they literally reach the ceiling o_o

My clothes are more than abundant. Plus, I have a myriad of undies...*ahem* not all are for normal outings*. Since earlier this year, I have purchased tons of clothes as if I don't have enough. lolx. Some are "donated" since people don't appreciate what they wear. A few visits from my parents increase the number as well. What can I say, they are the one paying for it while I'm the one wearing it...hehe

On to another staggering list of belongings, my so-called necessities are all over the room. Let's see...where can I start.

Well, I have my LEGO. Though the collections here are minute in comparison with my other collections back in my hometown, they are still troublesome cuz I need to ensure that none of the teensy-wheesy pieces are missing. I was supposed to have in my possession here but my bro took them all T.T

Anyway, I need to place all the important yet tiny pieces in a receptacle with assurance that there are no holes or tears inside the box. Believe me when I say that even one negligible hole can render a LEGO piece to become a lost treasure of the century.

The next item on the list would be my knowledge. LOLX. Not the abstract kind of course. They
are my books. Tons, piles, stacks of them. ==

You can see from the pic on the right that there's alot right? Truth be told, that ain't even half of it. I still have my college textbooks, files and folders. Over the year, I have bought various
reading materials such as National Geo, novels and most importantly, my graphic novels or simply, my comics XD

The only problem is...what am I supposed to stuff them into O__O
See, the only luggage I have is this. The others are just normal bags for classes and small travelling bags made for a day-trip to some rural village. It will be a miracle if I could compress all the items in my list into that. In addition, I forgot one more essential item. Can u guess it?






The clue is in one of the pics XP

It's my beloved Penggy. HEHE. It has a fat head =.= That's gonna be a major problem.

Anyway, whether I manage to move into my new place, we'll have to see by 1 Jan cuz that's my moving date. hehe


  1. Lol, you brought over your Lego collection?

  2. haha...nope. Bought it here..hehe. I'm a fanatic


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