Friday, December 10, 2010

And there's the third and fourth ^^ lasttwo cards.
Gingerbread man is for Ms Sulyn, my beloved kiddish English teacher and teddy is for my beloved complex Math teacher, Ms May.

The two photos shown above are the starting point of their cards. Again, I'm no expert in card designing, so I apologize for the crudeness of the cards XP

Ms May

For Ms May, her gift is similar to Ms Eunice's (previous post). But the dog is brown instead. For her card, the design just came as I was cutting the paper. It was planned to make it as it is. LOLx. Besides, the teddy bear looks fat (><)

Ms Sulyn:
For Ms Sulyn, I have bought a Panda (also under DoooDoll) for her. I punched a hole at the bottom right side of the card so I can attach the bear to it. On the second pic, it's the interior. Etc, etc...that's the end of my gift for her XP

Anyway, I have sent all the lecturers on list their gifts ^^ Dun expect me to make more cuz I wanna enjoy my holiday for now XD


  1. Is this some cheeky move of yours to gain an easy A from each of them? LOL!!

  2. hey, I'm a good boy kay XP
    doing it in the spirits of Christmas XD


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