Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Walking Dead

I have no idea why but ever since I first played Resident Evil, I am forever hooked onto the subject of the living dead. On 31 October, my zombie hype went higher because it is the premiere of the latest TV series - The Walking Dead.

This brand new TV series is currently showcased on AMC network. It is based on the popular comic of the same name whereby a group of survivors strove to live in the apocalyptic zombie world. In Malaysia, the show is broadcast on Astro Channel 710 (if I'm not mistaken).

The comic is written by Robert Kirkman who also came up with Marvel Zombies where all Marvel characters turned into a undying zombies. The show, on the other hand, was produced by Frank Darabont. He is known to be working alongside Steven Spielberg in some of Steve's major films.

Although The Walking Dead isn't made into a major film, it's actually better than any zombie films I've seen (for now). The dialogue doesn't suck and the acting is realistic enough, albeit some who are a tad emotional. Another reason why I like the show so much is because it consists of diverse characters, ranging from African American to Korean.

The Characters (Spoilers alert!!!)

The above picture shows the main characters both in the comics and the programme. Another realistic thing about this series is that major characters die before the minor ones. Quite depressing but makes it more interesting.

Here's a really brief description of all the prominent characters because they are tons of them.

File:Thumb-rick.jpgFile:Rick Grimes.jpg
Name: Rick Grimmes
He's the protagonists of the whole series. He's a small town cop who is put into a coma during a shoot-out (watch the trailer). When he wakes up, the world is already infested with zombies. Of course he is terrified at first but later he picks up his wits and courage and begins a journey to find his wife and son who left when the apocalypse started.
Attitude: Tough, persistent, has the potential being a leader, caring, willing to save others (even the ones who are bitten)
Notable scene: He put a zombie out of its misery in the first episode.

This zombie has half a torso. It's quite persistent in the sense that it chases Rick even though its legs are gone. Rick, feeling pity for the monstrosity, put a bullet in its head.

Thumb-lori.jpgFile:Lori Grimes.jpg
Name: Lori Grimmes
As the wife of the primary protagonist, she leaves with her son to join a caravan with other survivors while Rick is still in the hospital. She is quite the mother figure but her devotion to her spouse is somewhat questionable. More details reveal later.
Attitude: Motherly, Panicky, Caring towards the women and children in the caravan
Notable scene: Having an affair with one of the main character XD

Thumb-carl.jpgCarl Grimes.jpg
Name: Carl Grimmes
Son of both Rick and Lori, he escapes with his mother and join a group of survivors who reside at the outskirt of Atlanta. Do not judge him by his age for he proves his strength as fighter (that's in the comics anyway).
Attitude: Loving son, courageous (in the comics)

File:Thumb-shane.jpgThe Walking Dead -3 page 3 Shane.jpg
Name:Shane Walsh
The leader of the caravan before Rick's arrival. He escapes with Lori and Carl during the outbreak. He was Rick's partner and skilled in firearms. Though he looks after the group of survivors, do not be deceived for he is not what he seems to be.
Attitude: Skillful, adamant, self assertive, brutal, likes to be in command
Notable scene: He's the one who flirted with Lori XP

File:Glenn comparison.jpg
Name: Glen
He is of Korean descendant. He joins the group of survivors and likes to go off alone to the city to find supplies. He works well alone since he was previously a car thief due to his large amount of debts. He quickly befriends Rick whom he save on one occasion.
Attitude: Extrovert but doesn't like to talk about his past, able to focus during missions and personally I find him quite cute XD
Notable scene: He has to smear zombie goo all over his body.
Andrea.jpgAndrea 2.png
Name: Andrea
One of the members of the survivors, she used to be a clerk at a law firm. She portrays herself as a strong female figure but she couldn't set her mind straight when it comes to emotional breakdown.
Attitude: Formidable
Notable scene: She has to shoot someone close to her (sorry, this is a big spoiler so I dun wan to reveal it ^^)

Dale (Guts).jpgDale.jpg
Name: Dale Horvath
He is the oldest guy in the group but do not let his age misguide you. He can handle severe situation independently. He's also good in firearms as well. Moreover, he survives more issues than the other prominent characters. (in comics)
Attitude: Independent, caring
Notable scene: He decapitates a zombie's head~

Truth be told, there are more characters but I'm too tired to type them all out and find relevant pictures of them. Go watch the series or read the comics to know them further.Lolx

The Synopsis
Dead people starts to rise from the grave, eating nearby meat, animals' as well. Soon, the world plunges into a war with the dead. The winner is obvious. Then this group of survivors is trying to find peace and solace where they can avoid the dead. The usual~~

So far there are only 5 episodes and the 6th is coming out this week. All of them are superb with gore and undead. Don't forget, this is broadcast in television, not the theaters. Hence, it is pretty impressive for them to depict such slaughter of both human and zombies on television. I think Malaysian TV will censor most parts because there are decapitation, mutilation, cannibalistic scenes, intestine pulled right out from the abdomen, etc. So, it is preferable to watch it from online. For gore and undead fans, you guys will definitely enjoy it.

And...not to burst your bubbles but there's only 6 episodes for season 1 (>.<) But they are making Season 2 now with 13 episodes ^^. And u gotta give them credit for making the series akin to a movie production.

ANYWAY, here is a photo gallery of all the zombies in the series ^^

For your convenience, I have attached the trailer below so those of you who have never heard of it, here's a sneak peek of it. Let me tell y'all, it's AWESOME!!!


  1. its amazing that they could find the characters in the comic series to the one in life. So look alike especially Glen.

    Should have watch together lain kali.. kakaka

  2. yup...Glen is super cute XD.
    btw, I dun have the last episode yet ><
    only until 5
    wait till ur exam finishes la


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