Friday, December 17, 2010

Movie Review - Tron Legacy

I know it's been a long since my last movie review post. Truth of the matter is I've caught up with several things and one of them is sloth. Anyhow, I watched Tron Legacy yesterday and I just had to feature it in my blog. It's too awesome!!!

There were shiny lights everywhere. Spinning. Zigzagging. Derrezing. Though the pace is slow, it has fantastic soundtrack as well as special effects. Once the character is inside the computer, that's where you can't take your eyes off. Plus, Daft Punk and Olivia Wilde (you might know her as 13 in House) are in the movie. Olivia is breathtaking with the sexy new bob-styled hairdo.

Just so you know, everything happens inside a computer mainframe. Bare in mind that do not, I repeat, DO NOT watch it in 3D. That's one of its downside. Moreover, it's advisable to search the local DVD store to find the first Tron movie (yes, this is the sequel). Honestly, I was confused at some of the dialogues because they refers back to the original film.

Despite the flaws, the movie was enjoyable. If I get the chance, I ma watch it over again ^^ (minus the 3D glasses)

Rating: 4 out of 5

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