Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Holiday Cheers for 23rd

Note: All of this occurred solely on 23 December 2010

Venue: SS2
Task: Going back

Well, a certain famous blogger had returned to the land of Malaysia but apparently, he only had one day to spend with us. In order not to waste any precious time, me and him and a group of friends decided to yum cha even though there are a few social hindrances and location inconveniences. We ended our "long" yum cha session at Murnis around 1am-ish.

Time: 6.30am
Venue: Kepong
Task: Waking up

As I mentioned, he only had one day to waste his time on us. So, a plan was formulated to eat Dim Sum as early as 7am. Though some of us managed to rub the sands off our eyes, the whole group was only present not until 7.50am. The main host was lost along the way. That wasn't the worst case scenario. To make matters more inconvenient for everyone, the host forgot to turn his headlights off so the car died due to battery exhaustion. After attempts of jump started the car by pushing it, we eventually waited for the mechanics to open at 9am. In the meantime, we were mesmerized by the power of Tarot Cards. (Dun ask much) It was quite an eventful morning to say the least =)

Venue: Ikea, PJ
Task: Buying random items

After the Kepong trip, there was time to waste before each of us had to complete our own tasks for the day. Hence, Ikea was our next destination. Mind you that I never went to Ikea before for my entire life so it was sth special for me (>.<)
I was amazed and I tried to savour my moments in Ikea (Life's too short) while the others went off to check out the items on their shopping list. When everyone was done, we went to the canteen to chow on the so-called heavenly meatballs wherein one bite can kill you and resurrect you seconds later just because it is heavenly. ==

Venue: Bukit Bintang
Task: Waiting for Dad

This was when everyone went their separate ways. My dad was in town so thought of spending the afternoon with him before he returned back to Sarawak. Truth was, he had money and I was so not looking forward to spend the insufficient cash I call my allowance. He bought me some stuff and treat me for lunch in some high-class restaurant in Sungai Wang. Again, this doesn't happen much in my current life so I savoured every moment though walking around the area gave me fatigue.

Time: 3pm
Venue: Bukit Bintang - Pavilion - KLCC - Pavilion - Time Square - KL central - Midvalley - KL central - Kelana Jaya Station - Sunway Pyramid - HOME
Task: Searching for my comic and getting home
Just right after my dad left for the airport, that was when my day started to get really hectic and tiring. As you all already know, I'm an avid comic reader. I'm proud to say I'm a geek and during the excruciating journey, I was looking for Gotham City Sirens: Songs of the Sirens. It's the Volume II for Gotham City Sirens, a DC comic revolving around Catwoman, Harlequin and Poison Ivy. All of them are former villainess who trying to fit in in Gotham without causing any trouble which to no avail

Anyway, the paperback book was bound to be in some expensive bookstores since the MPH in Sungai Wang clearly didn't have it. As a matter of fact, the lousy bookstore didn't even have a single comic book. So off I went in search of the elusive comic book. I tried the Times in Pavilion but also to no avail. Heck, the staff even labelled the sections wrongly. INCOMPETENCE!!!

Since I last saw it in Kinokuniya, the extremely up-to-date bookstore around the whole KL, I decided to walk there so I was in no mood to take any public transport which would just delay my goal. Btw, I didn't buy it the last time I saw it was because of financial setback. Hence, Daddy came along =)

So, I walked toward the seemingly tall twin-towers, vaguely remembering the roads en route there. Fortunately, I found the Aquaria, an aquarium in KL which was connected to KLCC. Following the trail from there, I easily found my way to the towers and after that, the bookstore. The downside to it? C'mon, there's always a downside to EVERYTHING. I couldn't find the book!!! According to the staff, they did not own such book but I was like " I saw it with my own eyes!!!"

Didn't wanna waste my already half-emptied energy bar, I sought the whole shelves for the book without heeding the staff's statement. Half of the comic section shelves later, I gave up. Feeling disappointed, I tried to recall any other bookstores within my reach. That was when Time Square came into my mind. However, to get there was the only problem. I could take the novice adventurer way out by taking the LRT and switching to the other LRT or I could walk there from KLCC.

After minutes of considerations, walking sounded much more cost-worthy. Less then half an hour later and severals near-death experience on KL roads, I managed to arrive the designated spot in one piece. Again, there was another problem. The once huge and impressive Borders in Time Square was derided of its pride and demoted to the lower ground floor. Furthermore, the book I wanted was nowhere in sight.

Sighing, I almost gave up cuz my feet was bleeding due to the excessive power walk and my shoulder strained cuz of the laptop in my backpack. But I never lost hope for if I did, I had to come back out there again next month and think of the psychological effects it would bestow on me. Therefore, Midvalley became my next destination since there is a comic book store there solely for geeks like me. Thank Stan Lee for I finally found the book in the comic bookstore. It was actually the cashier who told me about the availability of the book. If he didn't mutter a word, you would have had a really exhausted emo boy right now.

With purchase done, I giddily skipped around while smiling insanely but my moment of joy came to a halt when I realized I had to go home. After asking a lady from the information booth, I thought I would know where to go but instead, I was lost on the highway. But my tiny hope burned bright again when I noticed a bus en route to KL central. So I went back there, took the Kelana Jaya LRT and waited one freaking hour for U623 bus driver to arrive.

For that, my day concluded with a very tired boy happily reading a comic book. ^^


  1. What an eventful day you had..!! ^^

    I hope you had a joyous Christmas celebration..

  2. lolx...if ur definition of joyous means sweating and near the edge of breaking down then ya XD

    but at least i got the little christmas present i gave myself...lolx. Never done that b4 XD

  3. Hmm, Kepong to have dim sum, err near Menjalara is it?

    The meatballs are sinfully delicious with the gravy XD


  4. haha...yup, it's near the mosque area.

    the meatballs are just cold. that's why it aint heavenly...lolx


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