Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The First Card Revealed!

As I said so last week, I'm in the holiday mood. So I decided to make X-mas cards for a bunch of selected ppl. The first few are my lecturers ^^ but not all of them will receive my gifts XP

Anyway, the very first lecturer who received my card is Mr Keith. We all just call him Keith for the informality of it. Plus, he hates ppl calling him with a Mr at the front XD. Teaching culture and other stuff related to it, he's a fun lecturer. It's part of the reason why he is in my list...hehe. Btw, this week we learned about death and the burial rites that comes with it. See, told ya it's fun.

This the prototype of it. The one below is the final version of it. I'm sorry that I don't have the picture for the inside cuz I forgot to take a shot of it. (><) But just imagine everything glittery in there.
The gift that comes with it is a Manchester United key chain. He's a total ManU fan. Go figure.
Again, I'm sorry because I forgot to take a picture of the gift. But I found a similar photo somewhere online. Just use your imagination and picture in your mind a cluster of it. =P

So, first gift and card are disposed of XD. Tomorrow there's another one. May I say, she quite cute ^^


  1. If only any of the students I teach in my college are like you... *sigh*

    LOL!!!!! but I did receive some cookies from some of them last time though.. LOL!!!!

  2., I didn't know you were a lecturer as well ><
    If u teach me instead, I think I will definitely make u one XD

  3. oh so sweet.. hmm.. i don't have the time to do it now.. exam.. mayb for CNY??? hahaha

  4. lolx...if byronmc would come and visit us, then we may make one for him lo...hehe


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