Thursday, February 10, 2011

3 years of Weird CNY

Ever since I turned 18, 2 years ago, my Chinese New Year has been 'special'. Seriously, if you were to track down my history, my Chinese New Year has never been the same when my age reached 18. It's 3 CNY in a row already and so far the festival just turns weirder for me XD. (Not that I am complaining)

It all started when I went to National Service. I celebrated both my birthday and CNY in there since I was the first batch. The feeling was awkward since I didn't know much of my comrades yet. That year, I need to sign a contract indicating that I was allowed to go back to my hometown for 3 days of CNY. Btw, I was bald as well and you can never imagine the humiliation and incessant urge of others to touch my freshly mowed head @.@

This is what I dug out of my archive.

A super old(2 years) picture of me...LOLX

NS maybe a hellhole but I did manage to meet new friends and some I keep in contact ^^

The others gone case already but I'm sure some day there will be a reunion for us all...hehe

Btw, I ain't gonna be bald again unless I attached myself to Buddhism XP

One year forward, I ran away and didn't bother to go back for CNY, even with the insistence of my family. Let's just say I was extremely furious with them and honestly, I couldn't care less about them.

So, I stayed back in Subang and worked in a restaurant
called Tai Thong. Yes, it's another hellhole. Apparently, Subang denizens love to eat in restaurant during Chinese New Year. I had to work my ass off and from that day forward, I tend to avoid waitering. Even so, working in a 5 star restaurant does have its benefits. I learn what Yushengis.

In Sarawak, you can never find that dish anywhere. Besides that, I met even more friends. I pitied them though becuz they were unable to spend CNY with their families. Yes, I still wanna avoid mine at all cause but I hope they don't end up like me

Ah well~~

Then we move on to this year which I spent CNY alone by doing my English research report (refer to the previous post). Again, family plays a part here. The nagging, the bickering, the "Ray, have you found a girlfriend. Please find one soon and don't be a sissy" ISH

But my CNY for this year was a bit more exciting. I went to Lookout Point (checked); cooled off in Genting for 2 hours at midnight XD (checked); traveled all the way to Port Klang to eat lala (checked); climbed the Batu Cave (checked), btw it was awesome, minus the smell...hehe and I never went there before.
Although I have no idea what's installed for me next year, I do hope it will be more exhilarating and crazier than the pass previous year ^^


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