Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Geekloads

As I slowly rot away in my room over the course of this Chinese New Year, I found several new info that will surely thrill a geek like me. For instances,there is the new Pirates of the Caribbean Lego coming soon.

Ain't Jack Sparrow just the cutest ruthless pirate? XD

Besides the usual Lego in the box, there's also a video game for the latest franchise. Here's a teaser video for it.

The Lego Sparrow will shipwreck to stores, most likely in conjunction with the new Pirates movie. Yes, they are still making another one. This time the main villain is, no, not Will Turner as Davy Jones, but the infamous Blackbeard, a real life pirate.

Speaking of shipwrecks, Lara Croft, the tomb raiding hottie, also has another game installment but from what I heard, they reboot the whole series...again. *sigh*

Anyway, the new game would detail her first exploration as a tomb raider. The details are scarce but I do know that she is shipwrecked on one of the islands in the Japanese archipelago.
This is her new look and she supposed to be 21 or sth.

Here's a bunch of other photos of a cave...exploring...lolx

Now, regarding the story. From what my speculation, judging by the images above, it might have something to do with Amaterasu, the Shinto sun goddess and her brother Susanoo, the Shinto god of the wind and storm. As myth the goes, Susanoo brought darkness over the world and the petrified Amaterasu hid herself inside a cave. Since she is the Sun goddess, the world plunged into eternal darkness. The other deities had tried every possible way to coerce to goddess out but she rejected them all. One goddess, Amenouzume, hatched an idea and decided to perform a silly dance in front of the other male gods. They laughed hysterically and this attracted Amaterasu's curiosity. So, she tried to come out of her cave as subtle as possible. Unbeknownst to her, Amenouzume placed a mirror right in front of her cave. Seeing the beautiful lady in the reflection (her herself), she then chose not to hide anymore and forever shines in the sky. Narcissist right?

Well, one of the image shone what seems to be a person with a sun behind him/her. That's my guess anyway.
Until the latest game debut, we will never know...lolx


  1. I don't think it will be about Amaterasu

  2. wuuuu...I sense a debate evan, explain =)

  3. first of all.. if you look closely at the wall painting, it looks like a christian deity
    secondly, amaterasu was already freed by the other gods so she shouldnt be in this time
    thirdly, does the lara croft series deal with fantasy? I mean like do creatures of dark or something like that actually come up in the game?
    I dunno, i never played the game before

  4. ok...for ur first point. I actually thought it was a crucifix as well. But if u look at it closely, the victim is not crucified...she's tied up similar to what people used to do in a sacrificial ceremony....and the fact that I mentioned she shipwrecked in does Shintoism deal with Christianity.

    Secondly, Amaterasu could actually leave the cave at her will. She was only petrified of her brother. Producers like to use ancient story as a background for games.

    Thirdly, this is so not fantasy. Ok, it might have sth to do with fantasy but it's mostly mythology. If u've seen ppl playing Tomb Raider: Underworld, you will know that all the Norse myth creatures came alive, esp the draugr. For Tomb Raider Legend, she has to find King's Arthur's sword, Excalibur. Seriously, play the game. It's fun and educational =D



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