Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pending War

As the semester slowly draws to an end, everyone knows what that means. Yes, it's the dreaded EXAM!!!

To think that I still have time to write this post under the tension of exam period amazes even myself, not to say that the subjects are easy. As a matter of fact, this semester consists of subjects with tons of things to remember such as the exasperating Marketing and Management. Who would have guessed that this subject could actually drain a person's life force.

However, not all of them are that disastrous. I did enjoy studying some of the subjects, way more enjoyment I had ever received from Secondary school and Form 6.

These are the battles I have to face in a few more days. I nickname them for the fun of it:
  1. Marketing & Management ( Conquest of the Field of Business)
  2. Language & Knowledge ( Battle of English)
  3. Culture & Performance ( Challenge of Arts)
  4. Introduction to Psychology ( Day of the Psyche)
  5. Statistics ( Rebellion of Numbers)
As mentioned earlier, the only dreaded battle I'm facing is Conquest of the Field of Business. Otherwise, my cache of weapons are locked and loaded.

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