Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Show Me Your Teeth

Yesterday, I experienced what everyone (mostly me) would consider as a nightmare - I visited the dentist. *GASP*

It had been years since my last visit to the teeth doctor. From what I could recall, the last time anyone stuck something into my mouth was my primary school years. So...yeah, it was that long since my last visit to the dentist. XP

As for yesterday, I broke that record due to my incessant bleeding from my gums. I would seriously bleed on any given random time. When I'm in class; when I'm eating; when I'm making with someone(which the other party finds gross) =(

This is the amount of blood I could spit out @@

In order to save myself from dying due to lack of blood, my friend persuaded me to visit the dentist. It's not that I have a phobia towards these docs, it's just that I hate the idea of people scrapping my teeth or injecting me with anesthetics, then scrap my teeth.

So, I waited patiently for the nurse to call my name which wasn't long. As soon as I stepped into the doc's chamber, the doc asked me to open my mouth and examined it. He explained I could have leukemia or some severe STD. Good thing I'm still a teen cuz those ailments normally apply to people older. However, my teeth were full of tartar.
Basically, tartar is a blackish mineral developed from food accumulated between the teeth and the gum. A little of it is normal but my teeth was full of them. Guess I missed those little piggies when I brushed my teeth.

To prepare myself for the pain, I thought of a happy place which failed horribly. The second the doc started to clean my teeth (all of them), I could taste the blood. Moreover, the feeling of something scrapping your teeth was unbearable. By the time, he was done with the bottom row, I spat out a mouth full of blood and tartar. Then I prepared myself for the top row.

I felt like I sat there forever. Needless to say, the nurse was of no help at all. She tried to apply some salty liquid to ease the pain but I became more petrified. When all was done, I was smacked with another excruciating pain. The bill was RM120.

Too bad there was no lollipop for me T_T

At the end of the day, my gums were still bleeding but at least I felt much more at ease with my current tartar-less mouth. Sad to say my teeth took a huge bite at my wallet.


  1. ouch!!!

    visit to the dentist is never fun... i used to undergone 2 wisdom tooth removal surgery and the pain stays for 2 months >_<

  2. that reminds me...the dentist said I might have to pull out one of my wisdom teeth =.=

    I'm dead T_T

  3. That's like a LOT of blood ....

    Also... what's wrong with ure gums.. you know ure dentist didn't exactly answer the question :X

  4. ya, I know cuz i forgot what he was talking about XD

    but basically, the tartar was the main reason for the non-stop bleeding. Imagine me spitting out that much of blood every day @@


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