Thursday, February 17, 2011

Leaders in the Making

For those of you who know little bout me, I'm currently still studying in a foundation course. In a month time, I'm gonna become a degree student! YAY ME!!! (I feel old)

Moving on, there was a motivational speech today. (Is it motivational? I doubt so) Anyhow, it was a talk organized by the Business School in Sunway University. Supposedly, they wanna give us a reason to choose Bachelor of Business for degree.

Not that I have anything against Business courses's freaking boring. Just because it's boring to me but those of you who still want to take it, by all means, take it. It's what you think is right that counts. For my reason, I suffered two marketing test and let me tell ya, it was horrible. Who knew business tests are challenging.

Going back to the talk, we had to play a game whereby, a leader is chosen for each group (there were six). As always, my friends wanna choose me as the leader because I show the spirit of a leader. Honestly tell me, how can a guy with a kiddish face be a leader? I can barely maintain my own relationship and they bequeathed the responsibility to me T_T

Jump to the game, my team had to create as many products as possible using paper scraps and scraps...lolx. We had designed unusual things like Pouncy Bouncy, Stellar Hanger, Strawlace and sundry others. In total, we should have created approximately 10 items. They were the results of crazy ideas formed in limited time.

To make matters more unfortunately, (which means me) I had to carry a bag stuffed with two 1 liter of water bottle while running around supervising people. Thank God we won in the end, otherwise I would have bitten the head of the game creators. So, what did my team and I received?

A bag packed with just enough Toblerone chocolates for the whole team members.
Truth be told, I am proud of my team members but never ever, choose me as a leader again. It's hard work and I petrified at the thought that I might mess something up and all the blame would fall on me. That's not the worse scenario. I am actually scared I would misuse the power and cause an oppression upon my own team members and force them to work eternally for me as I dominate the entire world!!!

See, that's my Id talking. lolx

So, those who wanna be an oppressive leader like my alter-ego, you guys should take Business as a course for they would fill ya in on every detail on how to become a successful leader ^^

Peace out for now


  1. Yay you!!! =D too bad it ain't Mars Bars..I would sooo totally steal from u..haha!! >.<..and yes..i subjects are totally boring...>.<...challenging and hard? doubt it...>.<

  2. sulyn, didnt know you are a follower of my blog XD

    but it's free choco so i dun mind XD
    u should have stayed back cuz i might have shared it with u XP

    besides, i thought communication has sth to do with business as well? lolx


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