Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sinful Sinner

Note to all, I have 7 unpredictable personalities and all of them are deadly. I just want all of you readers to know that these personalities could manifest at any time of the day and it would be best to avoid them at all cause.

First I would like to introduce Croft

Croft is a lazy bump who personifies my sloth. Croft is a harmless fellow since he barely does anything. However, his friends are usually sick of his laziness as they couldn’t rely on him to finish a group project. His favourite hobby is snoozing or thinking about absolutely nothing as he lies on his bed hugging his soft toy. But sometimes, even hugging for him is a workload.

On the bright side, Croft isn’t a spender and he is an honest guy. Since he doesn’t usually go out, he would save piles of cash which could be used during an emergency. The downside to this is he misses out on all the fun in life. Besides that, he is honest in the sense that he would not pretend to like someone and he would be blunt with his cycles of friends. We all know that pretending to be nice towards someone you hate drains a lot of one’s energy so Croft doesn’t find the point to be a goody-goody two shoes, even if it means losing his friends.

Next, please meet Lucy,

Lucy is the slutty feminine personality of mine. She likes to make seductive poses, luring both men and women into her eternal embrace. Unlike Lady Gaga, Lucy is considered as a real hermaphrodite. Once the victim is within her grasp, she rarely lets them go. She loves sex and fixes her full intention on the victim. Even if it’s just a one-night-stand, Lucy will cease to stalk the victim. Then she often persuades the victim for intimacy, ignoring the victim’s personal relationship. Lucy is a persistent girl and her actions usually cause break-ups and suicides.

Without any remorse, she would seek another victim as the cycle repeats itself until all those around her end up inconsolable. You would say she’s my private concubine. Regardless of her sexual desires, Lucy could charm her victims into doing tedious chores for her. Also, the word taboo is not in her dictionary. To her, if something could attract anyone, it should be known throughout the entire population.

Anyone's hungry for him?

Tony, a plump guy, never ceases eating. His stomach is similar to that of a black hole. Everything goes in, nothing comes out. The only time you see him stops eating is sleepy time. Otherwise, food within his range would vanish in an instant. Tony believes that he has Prader-Willi syndrome which causes an eating disorder. Rarely full, he has to eat or else he believes he would starve. Some of Tony’s buddies like him since they have small stomach and Tony would usually end up cleaning their dishes.

Thus, his buddies wouldn’t feel as if they are wasting food. On the other hand, some are fed up with him as he tends to finish up delicious dishes without the consent of others. Currently, hungry Tony is slim as claimed by his friends but he used to be fat/overweight/obese. He would feel guilty after a fine meal as he knows what would happen if all those fats are not properly deposited.

In the matter of gourmet, Tony enjoys fine cuisines and exotic delicacies like escargoes and fried fat juicy worms. *Yummy*

It's the two green-eyed friends,

Reed and Ivy are fraternal twins and they seldom leave each other. Inseparable by nature, they possess all the necessities in life but they desire for more. Side by side, their need for more things, both concrete and abstract, intensifies. Once they are separated, their insatiable desire would decrease but that rarely happens.


Ever since young, Reed has an obsessive compulsive disorder to ‘want’ everything. Without regards to a thing’s functionality, he would just want it since somebody has it. An item which he doesn’t possess would drive him mad even to the point of stealing. Reed was almost caught red-handed once for attempting to steal a friend’s gaming device. Though he never means any harm, he could not help it to acquire everything which he deems important.

As for abstract objects, he needs to experience what he had never felt before like true love, exceptionally good results and a true friend.


In the case of Ivy, she is an undesirable girl. Like her brother, she wants everything which is not in her inventory. Unlike her brother, she would harm those who are in her way of her desire. With a pair of green eyes, Ivy is a smart girl with ambitious desire but those who are more superior earn her jealousy. She wants to be the top of everything and be the first to achieve something. Academically, she constantly vies for the best achiever and would rant if her desires are not met.

Moreover, she tends to be envious of her friends, especially those who manage to travel to foreign countries for studies or bag-packing. Ivy is a typical green-eyed monster. Even so, she is a good example of a person full of perseverance and determination but her jealousy often keeps her friend roster low. Contrary to what others believe, she is just a solemn girl seeking attention from others by being the best of everything.

And his name is Ang,

Ang is sort of a personal bodyguard of mine. Although his size is small, he has the temper of a lion. Usually on vacation, Ang seldom shows up to protect me but when he does, volcanoes will erupt and riots will rise. However, his anger isn’t always about feuds. Relationship issues such as cheating on your partner pumps his gas tank for a ride of torment on the cheaters. His retaliation need not be physical.

Normally, he prefers psychological methods which would drive the victims to the brink of insanity if it’s ever that serious. As for friends, Ang hates people making idiotic posts regarding rants. If friend rivalry ever rises, Ang is more than happy to watch the drama. However, if those people are his closed buddies, Ang would probably do something stupid and yell at them to MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE!!!

An ill-tempered person, Ang doesn’t have many friends and his family members tend to avoid him but sometimes his anger reflects his love towards his loved ones. Whenever they are in danger, he would be there to save them as he is all fuelled up to conquer anything. Bloodshed, on the other hand, is another issue.

Lastly, a personal friend of mine,

Pryde acts as an advisor to me and he is quite intelligent in the sense that he will not hesitate to grasp a perfect opportunity to suit his life. Bounded by curiosity, Pryde never ceases to seek knowledge, both beneficial and detrimental to his social status. Through either books or gossips, Pryde will demonstrate the knowledge he possesses to his peers. The only reward he yearns is their amazement and jealousy. If his peers perceive something which he does not know, he would seek more information regarding the topic with full efforts.

Pryde is proud of the knowledge he possesses within his cache. Wikipedia and Google are some of his tools to gain substantial knowledge. Pryde would not hesitate to flaunt his superiority and doesn’t show pity to those who are below him. No empathy is found within him as he hates helping his friends with tedious works.

Pryde is often a loner but he is contented with his success. Money is not his main priority as it does not make one superior. Money is merely a tool which could be wasted in a day. Knowledge and experiences, on the other hand, must require personal diligence to seek them. As everyone slowly succumbed to the stupidity of life, Pryde would take this opportunity to educate himself. So, in the pending future, he would be far superior than anyone in the world.

Although these 'friends' of mine consist of more downs than ups, they are the fundamental elements of me. Without them, I doubt I would still be alive alone here. Hence, even with their flaws, I'm glad to meet them for they represent what I am.

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