Monday, February 7, 2011

Researching on A Research

To start off this post, I think I'm going mad. I don't have enough time for my blog; I can't even have fun with my friends due to my constant worrying over my research due date; heck, I decided to stay back in my hostel for Chinese New Year because of the report (and the fact that I also wanted to ignore my family's nagging but let's not talk about that) =P

Anyway, earlier January this year, my English lecturer bestow me and my coursemates a gift of knowledge. We have to do a freaking 30page research report of any topic we desire. At first, I thought this task should be a new challenge I'm willing to face but after the torturing weeks of processing this report, I think otherwise.

I have chosen Angkor as my research topic. So, I must discuss what causes the downfall of the great Khmer City! As fun as that sounds(seriously, it's fun. I'm a typical Indian Jones freak), I need a longer period of doing this assignment. A month and a half ain't enough for me to construct this report into a perfect origami.

There is a benefit to this somewhere. I can tell you who built the Angkor Wat and where did they film the Tomb Raider movie. Oh oh, I can provide several reasons as to Angkor's downfall. God knows why Khmer history is so complicated~

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