Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back and Return

In less than 24 hours, I have come back and forth from my college to my hometown. Let me tell ya, it manage to make it into my top-ten most DESPISED trip.

First of all, it's less than 24 hours. == Yes, I went back at night and came back here the next day in the afternoon. Those 4 hours wasted on the airplane. Speaking of airplane, I wanna congratulate Airasia for winning the most the suckish commercial flight in Asia. The seats are uncomfortable; meals are damn expensive; there was a piece of rubbish stuffed into my seat; not enough personal space and the flight attendants were not hawt(both males and females) >=(

Before I proceed on my rant, the purpose of my homecoming was to attend an interview in order to earn a scholarship. The company which is providing the scholarships is Ta Ann, an obscure wood-manufacturing company in Sibu. Since my dad knows the owner, who happens to be a Dato, he managed to persuade the guy to give me an interview.

Anyway, my stingy daddy wanted me to get the scholarship so bad that he was willing to buy the airtickets for me. AWWWW....such a "TERRIFIC' dad ==

I suffer and still suffering a migraine from the flight and bus ride which basically took up my whole day. Plus, I have several due assignments that I need to complete before CNY. Furthermore, the interview was a total FAIL!!! Those ppl wanted me to study either engineering or accounting while working in a sawmill factory. LIKE HELL I'M GONNA SACRIFICE MY LIFE FOR THEM!!!

And the saddest thing is I didn't even get to enjoy playing my PS3 much. T_T Everything was in a rush. At least, I managed to take some pics of my old junks and collections b4 I left (I will feature them in the next post). Also, I managed to taste two of Sibu delicacy. The "pian niuk" and "kampua". Basically, they are who West Malaysian would call Wan Tan Mee but the ones in Sibu can be ordered separately.
here's a pic of Sibu version of Wan Tan XD

Overall, life is a bitch but sometimes it tastes good XP

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