Friday, January 21, 2011

Comic Movie Updates~~

For this whole horrendous week, 2 major soon-to-release comic films just gave us a bit of their appetizer. Let start with something darker. Ever since the mantle was entrusted on Christopher Nolan's hands, Batman has never been more popular. With the success of The Dark Knight, Nolan is currently working on the sequel, The Dark Knight Rises and he had been tormented fans like me for months until a few days ago. He released the major bad guys in the films with a shocking twist. Guess who the new villains or villainess are?
  1. Talia's Al Ghul
  2. Bane

  3. Catwoman/ Selina Kyle

That's not the surprising part. What is jaw-dropping is the actor and actress. The actress for Talia is currently unknown (will update soon). For those who are unaware of her existence, she's the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul, the guy who trains Bruce to become Batman. You can watch him and his arrogance in the first film.
This is Talia btw and she looking FINE!!! XD

Anyway, ain't sure who her live actress is but I surmise that she will avenge her father one way or another.

Back to the main puzzle, who are the live counterpart for the other two?

Wait for it...........

That's right! Anne Hathaway will be portraying Catwoman. Suitability? That's up to you to decide. As for the muscle man Bane, Tom Hardy will take the role. You might remember Mr Hardy from Inception. He's the one who has the ability to shapeshift in dreams.
As for Bane, he made his debut back in 1997 and the movie did him bad, very very bad. Let's hope Tom can remedy that though I still think he is a bit feeble to portray Bane. However, I can rest assure that Nolan won't disappoint me.

From DC, we move on to Marvel. That is where I'm really upset. Also in this week, the first teaser poster of X-Men: First Class came out.

Believe it, there's another X-men movie hitting the cinemas this summer. The teaser is cool but the cast...I can't say the same.

X-Men: First Class Publicity Still
I almost cried when I saw this.

The front two gents are Magneto and Xaxier

Bear in mind this is set in the 1960s so they are supposed to look young

Second row, Moira MacTaggert and Mystique.

Mystique you guys know who she is already

As for Moira, she's a scientist helping the X-Men in times of need

She appeared in X-Men 3.

Third row, Angel/ Tempest on the right and my fav. Emma Frost on the left

Angel/Tempest is one of the new mutants from recent comics.

I have no idea why she is here

The bitchy yet elegant Emma is... *drool* ...

I think I like her the most among this cast.

Second last row depicts Azazel and Havok

Azazel is a demon and father of another famous X-men - Nightcrawler

Havok, on the other hand, is the brother of another prominent X-Men - Cyclops

Last but not least, the furry guy in the middle is Beast.

Not exactly a good combination right? I have my hopes up but I'm paranoid it's gonna be crushed. The upside to this is that the picture above is a leaked photo. Hence, the characters are not in their proper pose or uniforms or whatever Bryan Singer has in his mind.

No matter, I'm still watching this movie and The Dark Knight Rises as well. Just hope even Magneto can old everything together

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