Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Brick by Brick

As stated by my previous post, I went back to my hometown the other day. The previous one was more on my enmity towards my journey back. However, this post will focus on the brighter side of things. For instances, my LEGO XD

Technically, not every LEGO in the house is mine, some belong to my brothers. Honestly, they have no appreciation for their toys (toy story anyone?) XP

God, I miss my LEGO so much albeit I did bring some to West Malaysia with me but those are not enough to build my empire (>.<)

These are the ones displayed in my brother's room. Again, not all of them are mine.

Like do this starting from the top left and move

down clockwise. The first section is full of action figures - Marvel and RE5 characters. The next section is Star Wars Lego. Bear in mind, the whole section belongs to my brother cuz I hate Star Wars. The row below is just random Lego collection. Enough to construct a mini Lego neighbourhood with it. HEHE

Moving on, the next two sections are all Batman Lego. I will illustrate them further later. Lastly, above that is a collection of Naruto figures. Again, not a fan so ain't mine.

So this is the close-up on the Lego Batman. Aren't they such cute little minifigures?XD

I know, I'm a geek and my life is sad~~

Anyway, behold my Batman minifigures XD

There's subzero Mr Freeze, sly and shrewed Riddler, the cannibalistic Killer Croc, crime boss Penguin, personality-disordered Two-Face,muscled genius Bane, Hammer-holding Harlequin, scary scythe-clutching Scarecrow, the nutcase Joker and our favourite hero - The Dark Knight, Batman. Currently, I am missing two villains or should I say, villainess. Poison Ivy and Catwoman are out of my grasp for now. Anyone find them, do let me know. =D

Below are two other sets which is currently collecting dust in my room:

My bro bought this in Singapore. It's the biggest set for Hatty Potter. His reason for purchasing this - it's cute =_=

Me and my bro has shares in this. It's the whole set for Prince of Persia. A first complete collection among the others XD

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