Friday, January 28, 2011

Living in A Dead World: Preface

The day began with a shriek.


Startled, I threw my plushie, Penggy across the room. The entire room was utterly dark. The only source of illumination was the moonlight from which the windowpane provided access to. For some reasons, the megamall, Sunway Pyramid was not gleaming with its usual lights. Even at the depth of night, there would at least be some illuminations from not just the Pyramid but all the malls so that the government has an excuse to increase the country taxes from the excess energy wastage.

However, sight was not my main concern. What annoyed me, as I checked my handphone for the time, was that who in their right mind would scream at 3.33a.m in the morning. Still in my semi- conscious state, I thought of going out to check on the situation. Only then it occurred to me that my housemates might be having their usual brawl. Two out of eight of my housemates are from China, so I heard. They are a couple but they do more of the shouting than the cuddling. Ever since I moved here earlier this month, I have been enduring with the occasional screaming or bickering across the hall. Or they could be engaging in a rough sex.

Finding myself couldn’t care less, I crawled over my bed and fumbled the junks on my floor for Penggy. My mind went blank again the moment I found it. Thank Lord there was no more sudden screaming after that. Time slowly crept and before I knew it, it was morning.

Since it was the weekends, I didn’t bother to be an early bird. Plus, all my collegemates went back to their respective hometown for the Chinese New Year celebration with the exception of those who live around the area. Same as last year, I chose to stay back for the celebration as I have no intention of being nagged at by my next of kin.

Moving on, I shambled towards the bathroom to take leak after my slumber ended. My vision was still blurry at the moment. Thus, I overlooked a crimson stain on a wall. After the duty was done, I went to the kitchen to wash my hands because the sink in the bathroom stank of rusty pipes (Hygiene is important). While scurrying along to the kitchen sink, I accidentally knocked into one of my housemates. (Told ya I have a blurry vision)

I realized she was the girlfriend and she was still in her pyjamas, probably just woke up. Feeling a tad embarrassed for running into her and the fact that I was in my boxer, I apologized but the housemate gave no comment. Expecting the rudeness, I didn’t even bother looking back at her after I finished washing. With her head slumped to one side, she stood still in the middle of the kitchen and I thought to myself, “my housemates are retards!!!”

By then, awkwardness already settled in so I sprinted across the hall and into my room. Before I entered, I noticed the front door was open. I thought of closing it but decided to leave it for the girl might want to take a stroll downstairs in her pyjamas. Another weird thing about her was that she let out a distinctive moan when I sprinted pass her. To that moment, another realization came to me, “my housemates are both retards and perverts.”

Subsequently, the door was slammed shut and locked and I was staring at the computer screen while listening to Poker Face. Moments later, there was a bump on my door. Still in my boxer, I tuned down the volume and asked who was there. My only reply is a pitiful moan. Then there was another bump.

Perplexed, I moved closer to the door and asked the same thing again.


It seemed that she was banging on the door with both hands now, continuously. Feeling offended, I opened the door and gave her a piece of my mind. Apparently, she wasn’t interested in starting an argument. Without any hesitation, she hurled herself at me with both her arms gripping on my shoulder. Overwhelmed by the incredulous strength, I crashed onto the floor.

Directly above me was a face of absolute horror.

The floorplan for my unit

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