Friday, January 14, 2011

Words from a Son to His Daddy ^^

Oh daddy, how I loathe you so! How I wish I would only acquainted you as a stranger from the streets. I maybe your son but you can't control everything. Guide me or advise me through a situation but not eliminate all my interests for what I want to do in the future.

Oh father, can't you see the reason why I ran away in the first place? Your stubborn and ignorant demeanor took a toll on me. As a matter of fact, it still does. You keep insisting me on doing the things you want me to do. In the end, my patience brings me no reward. NADA!!!

Oh papa, you tend to put money before your own flesh and blood you selfish prick!!! Why must you persist me to take the offer? Is it for my well-being or so you can spend the money elsewhere? Even to the extent of asking me not to attend my class?


Such a wonderful dad, aint he?


  1. is it the australia offer? U told us earlier?

  2. yaya...I know which company it is now. Do u know Tai Ann?


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