Friday, January 28, 2011

Chapter 1: Darkness Befell

On the night of 21 January, there was a blackout in the whole Sunway campus, including the condominiums and apartments. The workers in the area claimed there was a power failure due to the extensive construction undergoing to expand Sunway University. Little did the staff and students know, something inexplicably evil was luring in the dark.

It was early morning, approximately 3.30am and the air was damp and cool. Together with the tiny stars, the moon gleamed with her natural beauty, catching my attention as I walked towards my residence area. The security guards were slacking off in the guard house while their radio played a soothing melody. I didn’t blame them for a night like this doesn’t come much in Malaysia.

Due to the blackout, the whole residence area was pitch black with tall condominium buildings stretching towards the sky. Despite the frightening scene, the view was quite alluring with no lights to distract the minimal natural beauty surrounding the area. With the exception of the guard house which contained its own power source. I proceeded further for it was late and I had an early class the next day. It was, however, exciting since I rarely went out for yum cha until this late and I had never seen the campus this late at night either.

Suddenly, there was a scent of foul odour hanging in the air. Unmistakenly, it was the smell of rotten flesh. The stench was too much for me to bear and I could feel the source of the smell was closing by. Due to the limitation of light, I couldn’t make out a figure in front of me whom I believed gave off the stench. I did not intend to find out who or what the figure was.

I walked...I walked...As the figure came nearer and the smell intensified...I ran...I ran...until...


It was then I realized I almost ran into the garbage collector. Apparently, someone did not dispose their unfinished meat properly. According to the guy, it was rotting in the kitchen of one of the tenants. Obviously, sloth is a major a sin among people nowadays.

Moving on, I managed to find my way towards the elevator in the dark. To my dismay, it was out of service due to the power shortage. Believed me, I wanted to curse at management officers. To make matter worse, I lived at the 11th floor and my only way up was the stairs. No lights, utter darkness and scary dark hallways.

I only had two choices. Either I remained at the gro

und floor while waiting for the power to come back on or I walked the stairs. The problem was both choices were equally petrifying. In addition, my imagination started to take over and all the Asian ghost-women/yokai/whatever came alive.

Without hesitation, I sprinted towards the stairs and ran up as fast as I could. Since it was completely dark, I had to use to railing as a guide. Halfway through, I heard something from below - a distinct moan. The sound was faint and it could be my imagination as well. I was exhausted from lack of sleep and the running, a deadly combination which enhanced my imagination even further. Each corner I turned, I expected some disfigured entity to pop out and man-slaughter me with its sick demented method.

As soon as I reached the designated floor, I swiftly unlocked the door to my room and hugged Penggy, placating myself that it was all in my mind. Unbeknownst to me was that the moan I heard was real.

Of the memories locked up in my head, this was the only flashback I had as the zombified bitch tried to bite a chunk of my neck.


  1. Wow, aren't you living the horror story!

  2. life is already a horror =P

    this is just to spice things up XD


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