Sunday, January 2, 2011

My new Room

Finally, I have moved into my new apartment. Not exactly the best room around the entire campus but it will do. Plus, there are few benefits as compared to my old room which I will explain further below.

Here's a recap: My tenancy expires so I need to find a place to stay otherwise it's the slums for me. So, a bit searching and asking got me to my new place. It is called Lagoon View which as the name suggests, give a panoramic view of Sunway Lagoon.

(This is the only window in my room)

Here's the bed. Nothing much to say about it except that this is a single-room. Hence, I can do whatever I want inside the room. Eg. walking around in only my undie XP

Below is a list of the pros and cons of my new room.

1) Like I said, it's a single room. So, I can do whatever I want in there without disturbing anybody.

2) I have an air-con in my room this time. Comes the heat season, there's no need to worry...for me at least.

3) I love the view of Sunway Lagoon even though I will be bored of it sooner or later.

4) They provide facilities like swimming pool and a mini gym.

5)The best part is the room includes a washing machine
. No more washing clothes with hands. whahahahahaha

1) It's freaking expensive. RM750 per month!!!
2) My room is on the 11th floor...did I mention that the lift is damn slow.
3) Some of the pipes are rusty. Consequently, the water is brownish =.=
4) The kitchen looks as if it was ransacked by a maid gone berserk.
5) WORST OF ALL, there are no leng zai in the whole entire unit. Though I haven't met all my housemates yet, two of them are Indonesian girl and a guy who just ain't my type. To matter even more depressing, the previous tenant who was supposed to stay in my room moved out and he was the only guy I find cute. Sad~~~


  1. Got leng zai la.. go look in the mirror.. there will be a leng zai staring at you.. hohoho.. =)

  2. haha...but cant hug that guy lo nor snuggle with him ><

  3. maybe more roommates will move in and they'll be the most lengzai-est lengzai ard!!! XD



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