Friday, September 3, 2010


They said that dreams are portals to other realms. In these realms, one can experience all kinds of wonders for incredible tasks are made possible and one get to go to all kinds of places but of course these tasks and places are just based on the person's memories. In dreams, people are able to achieve what they normally can't and a person's dream is their kingdom unless, of course you are not in control of your dream.

See, based on personal experience or personal dreams, you either control your own dream or your dream takes you wherever it wants to go. Mine is more of the latter.

Recently, I had another dream (it is annoying sometimes as some of my dreams are confusing). This time, I dreamed of Jean Grey a.k.a Phoenix and Wolverine. Yes, those comics characters from the X-men series. (I've been reading too many X-men =P). Moving on, they were old in my dream as in, 50 something old except for Wolverine. He never get old due to his regeneration ability. Apparently, Jean mentioned that most of the mutants lost their powers and find no reason to continue living. I guessed the Sentinels (their enemy) were taking siege over them and yet they couldn't defend themselves. Tsk. Tsk.

Anyway, Wolverine showed up and told her not to give up, that there were still hope. However, Jean retaliated by saying that they need to accept the truth about the situation and gave it in. Wolverine didn't response...

Then I woke up, remembering every detail of the dream (which was rare for me). I kinda understand the moral of the dream. Acceptance of the truth. Sometimes, lying to oneself instead of accepting the truth is just pointless for the truth
is always there and there is no running away from it. The dream was a lesson for me for I was facing a similar situation. CURSE YOU DREAM!!!

Altogether, dreams can be a great moral teacher and they can be a pain in the butt as well. Sometimes, dreams are scarier than horror films. Seriously. Freddy Kruger, be gone!

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