Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back to the Lord's house

Yes, as the title said it, I went back to church today. To those who knew me personally, yes I did prayed and I'm not bluffing. *Surprise surprise*

It's been a long time but my intentions weren't exactly pure but I was thinking it's about time I listen to some sermons. Though I had to drag my ass up this morning and believe me it was excruciating, I managed to pack my bag and left the apartment.

The sermon was as usual but with a bit of twist from my previous church. It was more current and they followed the flow of culture. It was interesting and fun to say the least. Unfortunately, it also stirred up some painful memories I left in the past. *sigh*

Anyway, the other thing about the church was that it's scary because everyone was super nice. XD
Some of them were eager to meet me and I had shook numerous hands. (I lost count)

But bear in mind that I haven't completely revert back to Christian. Need time for that. As for next week sermon, tune in for the next exciting episode of The Sequence of Life.

In Lord's name~

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