Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Thursday Odyssey

It's a Thursday which means I don't have any class to attend to but that doesn't mean I'm any less busy. My agenda was long and a tad tedious but someone gotta do the job.
It all began early in the morning (midnight actually, it was passed 12am). I was reading a few-days-old newspaper and I asked myself, "why the heck am I reading this". So I put aside it with the other paper junk for recycling.

Now, I'm gonna fast-forward to morning. Jogging was supposed to be the first thing on my to-do list but somehow, my laziness overwhelmed me. Passed 11am, I was up and ready to start off the day which was held back for a while due to my persistence on gaining experience in the Facebook game City of Wonders (I need someone to build my Angkor Wat!!! >.<>

So here came the hard part, getting all the consent forms for my Moral Studies lecturer and damn, she's elusive! Getting all the consent forms from my group members was arduous enough but finding the lecturer took the crown. See, for my group's Moral Studies project, we have to attend an event - FAISAL CUP. Yes, I know, I never heard of it either. Supposedly, it is a Sports Day equivalent event when me and my groupies have to enlighten a group of orphans by participating in their games or other duties. (The event is an impending post on this blog...hehe)

Now back to my today's Odyssey. Tracking down the lecturer (I won't reveal her name due to confidential issues) was like chasing a wild goose. I searched from the 4th floor to the ground floor and backed up again. You couldn't imagine the calories I had burnt running up and down the stairs. Finally, I gave up. If she wanted the consent forms, she could ask for it directly from me. Pftt...(I was exhausted and pissed with a growling stomach)

Anyhow, I went to Pyramid because the next thing on my list was opening a bank account for personal purpose(I'll talk about that in the future). Ran into a friend who gave me a head-ups about requiring RM250 to make a saving account and I only had RM 100 in my wallet. @_@

By this time, my stomach couldn't take it anymore. It dragged me to McDonald for the lunch promotion. As always, I ordered the cheapest meal on the menu - Mc Chicken XD. While munching and Facebooking at the same thing, I ran into my groupies (3 of them to be precise) but I continued to munch alone. Then the lecturer e-mailed me that I should send the forms to her at 4pm in my college. I was like..."I just got here, don't make me lose more calories".
In the end, I managed to deliver the forms but didn't get the chance to open a saving account for I did not know the bank closed at 4.30pm...ISH. (I left Pyramid around 4.45pm cause I was really lazy to move about...whahaha) Thank God, the lecturer was still in the college by 5pm. At least I managed to cross out one thing on my list.

That's it for today's journey. Now I have to bathe and wash my dishes and do the laundry. *Sigh*

A picture I taken while in pyramid.
My spotlight XD

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