Monday, September 27, 2010

Strolling in the drizzle

Noticing the storm clouds above, I left broom hill in a swift and jogged for shelter as the first raindrops splashed onto the asphalt street. I was in reverie no more, back to the harsh reality. The journey to safety was a long way to go and the streets were full of wet metallic monstrosity. Even the sky had no mercy on me. It created thousands of ponds of water to drench my feet. I was doomed.

Carrying my bag, I decided to refill my energy bar at a nearby food parlor called McD. Strange name indeed. I ate a wholesome meal of cheeseburger and chips dipped in tomato sauce plus two bottle of soda. My life points have been revived. Now on with the journey.

One of the metallic beasty splash a pond at me, soaking me but I was drenched enough from the tiny minions of the clouds above. No point of drying myself, I proceeded on. I crossed the sea of metallic beasts to a smaller pathway.
By then, a mighty gale slowed me down but still, I continued on, knowing I had to reach the safety zone before one of the beasts consumed me. I also encountered new foes. An agile accelerating quickster. These creatures were faster than the metallic beasts and they were able to surpass almost anything in a split second.

After some spine-chilling race, I managed to make it into the Shadow Maze. To my surprise, this maze was relatively easy to solve.

In the end, I made it out alive but barely. I wished I had a companion joining me in this hazardous journey but sadly, this journey was mine alone to take. However, I hadn't seen the last of the monsters. Every ending is a new beginning.


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