Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bunny & Beary

This is a story between a Bunny and a Beary.
Thursday, 23th September 2010, 1.35am, this was a sad moment for them because the Bunny and Beary were separated. You see, once upon a time there was a Bunny hopping its way to a new forest. Bunny felt deserted by its own family so Bunny decided to take a risk to survive on its on in a strange new forest. Petrified and alone, Bunny had no choice but to make its own shelter and prepare its own meal since it knew of the consequences of running away from its pack.

A few weeks had gone by and Bunny met a Beary. At first Bunny was scared of Beary with its big jaws and claws but Bunny had judged a book by its cover. Despite its size, Beary was a friendly animal. It just wanted to hang out with Bunny. So Bunny decided to give Beary a chance. Surprisingly, Bunny was never afraid and alone in the strange new land. Bunny starts to like Beary more and they became more than friends.
There was warmth in Beary's hugs and Bunny enjoyed it so much that Bunny couldn't stop hugging Beary. Moreover, Beary introduced Bunny to all its friends. There was the Lion pack whom Bunny was scared of because Bunny stupidly thought they would eat it alive. Turned out, these Lions weren't vicious at all. Bunny even adored the Lions' tribal ritual.
Besides the lovely Lions, Bunny even met Beary's study mates - The Owls. These owls knew Beary for quite sometimes now and they all knew how to party like wild animals because Owls were nocturnal creatures. Regardless, these Owls were smart and knowledgeable that Bunny learned various new stuff from them. Some of their lessons were explicit so Bunny couldn't say it out loud. Shhhh!!!!!

Moving on, together with Beary, Bunny also met some other friends who were just like Beary and Bunny. All the forest dwellers ranged from a Kitty to a Piggy. However, not all these friends were nice and Bunny got upset over some of them. Still Beary was also there to cheer Bunny up. Beary even gave Bunny a stuff Penggy for him to hug when Beary's not around. Bunny felt like the luckiest rabbit in the whole animal kingdom.

But Bunny should have known that all good things don't last. Over the months, Beary kept making Bunny cried and Bunny's weak heart just couldn't take it. Beary even played with the other animals instead with Bunny. Bunny tried to ignore it but in the end, Bunny also ended sobbing in a corner of its rabbit hole. Soon, Bunny didn't feel like talking to Beary at all but Bunny knew no matter what Beary did, Beary would always come back to hug Bunny.
Bunny thought it could handle it but Bunny's heart just kept crumpling. In the end, on Thursday, 23th September 2010, Bunny broke of the special bond that it had with Beary but not without tears. Bunny knew Beary would be upset but Bunny needs to move on and the fact that both Bunny and Beary are not ready yet. Despite all the commotion, Bunny still kept a part of Beary's love in its heart because Beary's love is too strong. Bunny hoped that Beary will still hug Bunny because Bunny missed the warmth.

Bunny knows that Beary is a strong bear bear and Bunny believes Beary can survive in the wild without Bunny but Bunny still hoped that it can hang out with Beary again.

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