Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Uncanny Science: Man's Milk

Who needs mommy's breast milk when daddy can provide as well. This is my latest discovery in the world of weird but factual science. Though it may seem gross to almost everyone, breast milk producing is gradually becoming more common in the male population, animals included.

The actual term to describe this abnormality is male lactation and it can only occur under certain circumstances. In the presence of substantial amount of female hormone such as estrogen, the mammary glands in men are stimulated, disrupting men's endocrine system. Thus, breast is developed to the extent of producing milk.

That's the scientific explanation. For those who are scratching their heads right now, let me put it in a more simplified form. Basically, when there's too much female hormone in a man's body, the man's hormone system will be messed up. As a result, boobs are formed and packed with milk. (Btw, mammary glands are organ that produce milk in mammals)
According to Jared Diamond, he said "though the mammary glands of human males do not produce milk automatically under normal conditions, with appropriate hormonal stimulus—mimicking that which human females produce naturally when they become pregnant and give birth—they can"

Moving on, the reason why there's an increase in boobs formation in men is because of the injection of hormones into our food today. One obvious example - Kentucky Fried Chicken. The reason why these chickies are so deliciously mouth-watering is due to the fact that they have been injected with estrogen to make them more finger licking good. The injected estrogen would then travel to the male body as xenoestrogen(xeno = foreign). Hence, the breast formation in men.

Not to say we shouldn't ingest KFC fried chickens or other fast-food restaurants meals for that matter. Eating at these outlets for celebrations is acceptable but bear in mind that our intake for these meals shouldn't be more than 3 times in a week. Imagine all those deeply fried oil and the calories swirling in our body. Totally unhealthy.

In a more natural condition, dayak fruits bats are known to lactate and nurse their infants where as males goat experience lactation on certain periods.

That's the end of today's Uncanny Science.

(PS: To all the men out there, do not ever produce milk through your nipples. It's DISGUSTING)

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