Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dancing in the flower

This flower is called Plumeria

Yesterday, me and PLU pals went clubbing at a pub/club/restaurant. The name of the venue is the name of the flower, Plumeria(above =D

Anyway, one of my pals, let's call him Vin, had yet to attend a PLU club/pub. Since we were out of option, we chose Plumeria. Now, Plumeria wasn't your typical club with all the modern music and young handsome guys dancing around. No. The patrons mostly consisted of Westerners who came to Malaysia to have more than a little fun. Plus, the music was more towards trance instead of modern music.

I guessed that we arrived early since the bartenders weren't hastily preparing alcoholic drinks. So, we started off by drinking our own payed liquor. Ken came along but he didn't manage to open the dance floor. As time moved forward, I finished my drink first(they never do fill enough for me) and my head was spinning a bit but wasn't enough to get my hips shaking. Our chat session continued. By 12.30am, we ordered another round of liquors. Wai didn't order any because he might be a little tipsy. Hehe.

After all the stuff were down, that was when the party began. Wuuuuu.....

While dancing madly and unprofessional (sad case), a group of girls, obviously drunk, rubbed it in and shouted for no reason. I believed it was their way of saying hello. *Must investigate!* As if they weren't bad enough, a fat dude suddenly came up to us and flirted with us. Wai might have enjoyed it but the rest of us were like " Who the hell are you?!" Another case of limitless drinking.

So, even though we couldn't find a sight for our sore eyes, the night ended well...with Wai puking of course ^^

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