Thursday, September 9, 2010


No matter how much we spend together or how many liquors we drink or how happy we are being with each other, at the end of all of it, we will always end up feeling sad or alone because we have to say this :


Everyone knows that good things don't last forever. It is inevitable and it sucks like hell especially when the thing or person you are saying goodbye to is someone who you really care about.

Currently, I have a friend who is going overseas and this is the first time I'm facing this. Albeit I did had friends going overseas, none of them were close to me back then. For some I was able to call them buddies since we bonded via MSN while the other person was in foreign land. Still, this is the first time I had a close friend I had to say goodbye to who I had spent some much time with. Though I am able to see him again in the distant future, the feeling of losing a dear friend is still there.

However, the upside to this whole misery is that there's a new beginning for each of us to venture. The pain will still reside in your heart but that's life. We all just have to deal with it and move on. Who knows, maybe we will find something unexpected yet wonderful along the journey.

Regardless, Vin, we all gonna miss you and I am speaking for everyone who cares about you. Nevertheless, we are going to meet again someday. For now, take care and best of luck ^^

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