Monday, September 20, 2010

Back To Reverie

For the first time in a long time, there was contentment in my heart. A genuine smile was on my face whenever I lay down on the broom hill. The shrubs, grown across the hilltop were as aromatic as the smell of fresh wheatgrass in the morning. The soil was rough but full of life. Mild was the weather with a cool breeze blowing by, I felt relaxed and light headed as I slowly closed my eyes. Enveloped by the cozy shrubs, I was fast asleep.

Before I knew it, the breeze turned to a gale and the comfort that surrounded me disappeared. Struggled in the cold with little warmth, my body started to shiver uncontrollably. In a few minutes, the cold became unbearable.

As I was about to collapse, something embraced me and all the uneasiness within me instantly dissipated. Darkness devoured me but I was high spirited for this was something new to me. The darkness was my light. Then...


I woke up from my reverie but I was still on the hilltop.

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