Sunday, September 5, 2010


Most of you(mainly me) played Batman: Arkham Asylum last year. Let's me tell you how I feel about the game.

IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! I love the graphic and the texture. Plus, the storyline was amazing. Moreover, I just love the way they redesigned each characters, especially the villains.

Here's one of the villain - Scarecrow
As to all the Batman zealots, I'm sure that they already know who and what Scarecrow is and his abilities.(Duh...Scarecrow is one of the infamous villain in the Batman comics). However, to those who are unfamiliar with this character, I shall spare some of my time explaining his attributes to you guys. (I'm such a nice guy)

Scarecrow or Jonathan Crane is a well-known psychologist specializing in fear. One day, he was so obsessed with people's fears that he turned insane and donned a costume to become the
Scarecrow. He's aptly named as there's the word scare in it. LOL. So he goes around town with an invention of his -the Fear Gas. He would choose a random victim and suffocate them with the toxin so that they can enjoy the full pleasure of their worst nightmare.

Now, here's the game version of Scarecrow.

The developers had totally redesigned his outlook. The syringes attached to his hand are full of his famous Fear Gas (in liquid state). It kinda makes him looks like Freddy Kruger. The hood and the gas mask are a nice touch. Here, Scarecrow really is scary. That's the whole point of his costume.

This is one of the many reasons why I enjoy playing Batman: Arkham Asylum. But not many share the interest as me T_T
But that won't stop me from playing the upcoming sequel. Yes, you heard it. The sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum is coming soon - Batman: Arkham City. The sad part is it's a year long wait...*curses*
Moving along, the gameplay is the same as the original game with the addition of few features to feed the hungry fans.

So far, from my resources, the game will be darker, similar to Batman Beyond: The Return of The Joker (it's a movie, go search for it). There will more Batman characters as well. The same goes for the villains. To understand the storyline, one must play the first game. So go play it people. Trust me, it's worth it. Besides that, the combat style and graphic are improved to the fans' satisfactory. WEEEEEEE!!!

Here are some of the villains who are going to appear in Batman: Arkham City.

CATWOMAN - nice touch of the cleavage XD. Besides the captivating boobs, her design here is much more feline.

TWO-FACE - if one notices carefully, it seems like his whole Mr Hyde part is completely scarred which gives him a sinewy look and something you will find in a morgue.

HARLEQUIN - OMG...her design here is the most deviant from her comic book counterpart. Here, she's more gothic than the usual happy-go-lucky psychopath. She is still homicidal all the way.

That's all from today Arkham. I shall update all true Batman fans if my resources reveal anything. Until then, nuff' said

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